Beef Lollipops

PREP TIME: 30 minutes

COOK TIME: 3.5-4hrs in a Gateway @ 300f


  • 1 x rack of nicely marbled Beef Ribs with 4 bones preferably (Cut into pairs)
  • Beef rub of your choice – I used Hardcore Carnivore Black for one and Sucklebusters SPG, Competition & Bamm for the other


  • Get your pit going and aim for 275-300f
  • Remove Ribs from package & rinse
  • This works best in pairs of bones so if you have 3 in your rack, cut one bone with the meat attached off the rack to cook separately
  • Remove the layer of membrane from the back of the bones
  • Flip over and as even as possible trim the top layer of silver skin completely off the top of the meat
  • With the bones laying vertically from you, half way down cut completely across the meat left to right and make an incision through to the other side in-between the bones
  • Flip over and trim the lower half of one bone away from the meat
  • Now do the same to the other bone but this time cut the top half away from the meat
  • You should now be able to separate the two portions as shown in my images
  • Clean the exposed bones by scraping the lining away
  • Square up the meat on each bone
  • Trim any excess fat or meat from next to the bones on the back to allow for the meat to wrap around the bone with no restrictions
  • Wrap the meat around the bone and use butchers’ twine to hold in place as shown
  • Now wrap foil around the exposed bones to prevent them from going a dark colour
  • Now it’s ready for you to apply your favourite rub and place into your smoker
  • These took around 3.5-4hrs cooking at 300f in a Gateway Drum Smoker
  • Once they are probing like a hot knife through butter, remove, rest and enjoy

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