Hot 'n' Fast Chicken Wings

  • Place your Offset plate on the lower grate
  • Fill your chimney to the top with Lump Charcoal
  • Place 2-3 Fire Lighters on the top Rack, light and place your chimney over the top of them to light the Lump Charcoal
  • Once 3/4 of the chimney is lit, pour into the side chamber
  • Add 1-2 chunks of Apple Wood or your preffered fruit wood on the top rack directly over the lit coals to produce a clean burn
  • Place the lid back on your Kettle with all vents fully open and allow 15-20 minutes to come up to temp
  • Neatly place your wings on the top rack as shown and put the lid back in place with the vents still fully open
  • After around 30 minutes check the internal temperature of a few wings using a Thermometer probe, I like to aim for between 180-190f for a nice crisp skin exterior with juicy flesh on the inside. I find that they reach this temp around 35-40 minutes into the cook
  • Remove and enjoy


PLEASE NOTE:  For Hot ‘n’ Fast cooks we recommend the use of your Weber basket in the side chamber.

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