Offset Plate start-up

Quick Explination:

Place the Offset Plate on top of the lower rack, fill the side chamber with your desired charcoal, place the water bath on the Offset Plate, start with a small amount of charcoal lit at one end of the side chamber, place top rack in place, add timber chunks on top rack directly over lit coals, ONLY add meat once pit is steady at your desired temp and you're away

Note: Lid vent to be opposite hot coals, not directly above.



Setup video by Booma


Full setup info:

Place the Offset Plate directly on top of the lower rack, place a roast pan or foil tray on the lower section of the Offset Plate, fill it half way with either water or any liquid you like (this helps to add moisture into the environment keeping the meat nice & juicy), make sure you fill the side chamber with as much charcoal as possible for the long cooks but leave a small gap at one end to place 6-8 fully lit briquettes to get her going, this setup allows the coals to slowly burn in the opposite direction throughout the cook (If you were to place the 6-8 lit briquettes in the centre the coals would burn in both directions which will reduce your cook time), now place your top rack in place and use 1-2 chunks of your desired timber by placing them directly over the lit coals on top of the rack which will give you a cleaner burn. I generally cook between 250-275f so when I fire up one of my Webers with my Offset Plates I will have both vents fully open until the pit hits around 200f then I will close both vents to 1/4 open and monitor over the next 15-20mins making any minor adjustments needed so that the pit sits steady at 275f. Only at this point where I know the pit is sitting steady and not still climbing I will then add my cuts of meat. If you add the meat before the pit is sitting steady you will end up chasing the temp for the next two hours to get it back to where you want it. I will normally have the pit sitting a fraction higher than the temp I want to cook at because I am about to add a large cold chunk of meat which will impact the pits temperature, If you are cooking something like lamb ribs or smaller cuts of meat then you may have it sitting at your desired temperature when you add them into the pit. Hopefully this helps you along your journey of Low & Slow using the Offset Plate. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have whether it be setup or even the best way to prepare certain cuts of meat before cooking.

Happy BBQing everyone