JG BBQ Deflector Plates

Are you ready to get the most out of your bullet smoker, look no further. Combine your bullet smoker with a JG BBQ Deflector plate and enjoy these key features

  • Simple to use
  • Achieve those high temps for hot n’ fast cooks with ease
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Holds stable Temps
  • Longer burn times
  • Quick lid-lift recovery
  • No more topping up a water pan

Why buy a JG BBQ Deflector Plate?

Transform your bullet smoker with a JG BBQ Deflector Plate for a superior cook.

If you are struggling to get those high heats for hot n’ fast cooks or perhaps looking for a more stable temperature during your low n’ slow cooks, look no further. Our Deflector Plates are designed to help you achieve both.

Plus, it is not just super versatile, it is also very easy to use. Simply remove the water pan that would have come with your bullet smoker and place the JG BBQ Deflector Plate in its place and you are ready to go.

Designed and made in Australia of extremely durable 6mm Mild Steel, the JG BBQ Deflector Plate is a seriously sturdy, quality made BBQ essential. The range of Deflector Plates are laser cut to fit perfectly into your Bullet smoker.

Current Models

  • 18′ Model to suit ProQ Frontier, 18′ WSM & 18′ Fornetto
  • 20′ Model to suit ProQ Excel
  • 22′ Model to suit Gateway Drum Smokers, 22′ WSM & 22′ Ugly Drum Smokers

NOTE: All Deflector Plates should be well seasoned prior to use

NOTE: Premium Stainless Steel models can be made upon request