The Build of Christine, my reverse flow 24” Smoker

Start to finish

This slab of Jarrah has a little history to it. This once belonged to my great grandfather who used it to help form part of his timber work top in the shed.

He then passed it down to my grandfather who then passed it down to my father who also used it on his work bench where I have many fond memories growing up building plenty of billy karts & other items on top of this slab of jarrah.

As I grew older my father passed it down to me and I too used it to form a work bench for many years.

I then moved houses and the work bench was no longer required so the bench was dismantled but I had to hold on to this beautiful piece of Jarrah to one day do something with.

Many years passed and I found a new passion in bbq and knew exactly what to do with it. I carefully machined it down to what you now see protected in a steel studded frame where one day, I hope to pass not only the slab but the whole smoker down to my children.

Short video on my custom Firebox build

The stack coming together nicely

Custom handle with smooth bearing ends designed by JG

Testing the baffle plates grease trap disposal

First test run

Loving that clean burn

Bottom shelf loaded with four 7-8kg briskets

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