Reverse seared Steaks

  • Start with a minimum 1 inch Steak with some nice marbling from your local Butcher (I personally prefer a Scotch steak)
  • Season your steak evenly on both sides and edges, you can use a basic Salt, Pepper, Garlic rub mixture or purchase a commercial one if preferred
  • While the steak is taking in those flavors its time to setup the Offset Plate
  • Place your Offset Plate on the lower grate
  • Half fill the side chamber with Lump Charcoal
  • Place one fire lighter under one of the pieces of charcoal and light leaving the lid off at this stage
  • Once a few pieces have lit place the lid on and bring the pit temperature to 225f
  • Place steaks in the center of the top rack and monitor until the internal temperature of the steaks reach 105f – 110f
  • Once the steaks have reached an internal temperature of 105f – 110f remove and rest for 8-10 minutes on a plate with a loose piece of foil on top with a small opening to allow excess heat to escape so as to not steam the steaks (You can rest longer if required)
  • While the steaks are resting remove the lid to allow the charcoal to reach a much higher heat ready for searing
  • Once your steaks have rested take them back out to the bbq and sear for 1-2 minutes each side until the internal temperature reaches 135f – 140f for that perfect steak.

Alternative Sear using Grill Grates

  • Remove your Offset Plate – Be cautious as it will be extremely Hot
  • Fill your chimney with Charcoal Briquettes and light
  • Once fully lit, evenly pour them onto the lower grate for a consistent heat
  • Return the top grate and place your Grill Grates directly over the lit charcoal
  • Leave the lid off to let the Grill Grates reach around 600-650f
  • Now that your steaks have rested take them out to your kettle
  • Place your Steaks on the Grill Grates diagonally
  • After 1 minute has passed pick your steak up using the Grill Grates lifter and rotate 90 degrees and place back down for another minute
  • Now flip your steaks over and repeat that process, monitor the internal temperature
  • Once they have reached 135f-140f or your desired temperature remove and enjoy

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